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"ORENDA": To Nurture the Spirit

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May 18, 2016          "TX Supreme Court Decision Assures Less Funding for Charter Schools Continues"

April 27, 2016          "What's Wrong With Our Boys?"

April 13, 2016        "When the Going Gets Tough, Quit!"

March 31, 2016      "Why AP is Better for Your Child Than IB"

May 30, 2015 
         Graduation Address at Gateway College Prep School

Mr. Rickey is the founder and C.E.O. of Orenda Education.  Early in his career he was Executive Director for a
community health foundation that provided health promotion curriculum and training to numerous schools in
central Oklahoma.  Mr. Rickey went on to serve as a hospital Chief Executive Officer with Hospital Corporation of
America and then as Chief Operating Officer overseeing multiple hospitals and clinics for Behavioral Centers or
America.   Mr. Rickey received a Master of Public Health degree in Healthcare Administration from the University
of Oklahoma and Master of Arts from Southern Nazarene University. 

The word “orenda” was used by the Native American Iroquois meaning “life-force” or “spirit”, although this could
be too simple an English translation. As possessed by the greatest spirits, orenda could be a mighty, even deifying
force.  Among humans it was the force of healing.