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the Gateway Capital Campaign

benefiting Gateway College Prep School in Georgetown, Texas

Today's students grow in body, mind and spirit in preparation for a world that is remarkably different from the ones faced by generations past.   
Why We Are Building
  • To transition from temporary portable classroom buildings in grades K – 8 to permanent construction
  •  To add needed space for athletic and performing arts training and competitions
  • To improve security and provide protection from rain and high winds
  • To improve traffic flow and shorten drop off and pick-up times
  • To enhance the beauty of the campus
Charter Schools Do Not Receive Public Funding for Facilities:
Public charter schools are held to higher accountability standards, but do not receive equal consideration when it comes to student funding. Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools do not have access to local property taxes and receive no direct state aid for construction of new buildings or renovations of existing ones. This creates about a $2,000 per student per year funding disparity and forces charter schools to use state funding intended for instruction and operations to also cover all building construction and related maintenance costs.
Building Plans and Cost
                                                                                                                         Cost Estimates

  • General conditions                                                                                 450,000
  • Grades K – 4 Learning Center                                                            4,600,000
  • Grades 5 – 8 Learning Center                                                            4,600,000
  • Main Gymnasium with Aux. Gym Renovations                              5,000,000
  • Fire lane improvements                                                                         210,000
  • CR 111 (Westinghouse Road) extension                                             385,000
  • Courtyard landscape, elements & irrigation                                      230,000
  • Relocate playscape with covering                                                        130,000      
  • Covered walkways connecting all buildings                                       450,000     
  • Field 2 soccer/lacrosse improvement                                                 375,000
  • Grandstands, press box,  w. handicap                                                 575,000
  • Track, soccer/lacrosse field lights                                                        225,000
  • Kitchen finish out w. equipment                                                          300,000
              Estimated Phase Construction Cost + A&E Fees                      $18,115,000

We invite the public to explore our master site plans for all planned facilities at www.gatewaycps.org.  These truly will become places from the heart that will inspire and instruct future generations of students.

Philosophy & Mission:
Gateway College Prep School is committed to creating citizens, scholars and athletes who demonstrate a true love of learning, strive to reach their full academic and personal potential, are able to apply academic knowledge to real world situations and achieve their academic, personal and vocational goals.

Gateway has recently completed its 7th year of operation with an enrollment that has topped 1,200 students.  The school offers a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum to students in K-12.  Many of those students come to us from larger schools in our geographic coverage area in Williamson County, Texas.   Others have been home-schooled or have attended small, private schools.  This has given us a diverse set of student needs.  In addition to taking core classes that will prepare students for success on AP exams and ultimately in college, students are provided with ample extra-curricular opportunities.  As a result, our mantra is "No Child Left Inside."  

How Can You Help?
By completing a donor form (see link below) or donating online, you can commit and embrace our innovative educational philosophies.  Your financial commitment may be in the form of:     
    cash/check    *   stocks    *    real estate

If you are most comfortable in giving cash, you have the opportunity to choose the convenience of an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly pledge.  Please be assured that the leadership, faculty, staff, students and student families of Gateway are profoundly grateful for all contributions, great and small.  We view your financial support as a support of our mission and vision for innovative public schools of choice, and we appreciate you joining us in realizing the importance of that. 

Please understand that your investment (and tax deductible donation) will impact the lives of many individuals and families today and for generations who follow.  For more information, feel free to contact our Development Office at 512-869-3020, opt. 8. 

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